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I'm Artyom, a Product Consultant living and working in Amsterdam

Artyom Avanesov

A bit about me

As a product consultant specialized in fintech and blockchain, I help companies solve problems and build powerful digital experiences for their users. I focus on mobile and web and engage throughout all stages of the product life cycle. By integrating with the product team, I take ownership of delivery and drive products from concept to shipping and beyond. And by working on the strategy and design, as well as the development of a product, I am able to understand complex problems more profoundly and devise elegant yet practical end-to-end solutions.


Having worked extensively with both startups and corporates I am able to work and deliver on any scale. I thrive in a fast-paced environment, enjoy working on complex challenges, and believe the best result comes from a combination of bold ideas, sound decision-making, and rigorous work.

“…He was quick to embed himself in a complex business ecosystem and adapted well in a complex stakeholder network…”

Aditya Kumar, Head of Product Shell

This is what I do

Product strategy

Product Strategy

By analyzing your product and market I help identify new opportunities and develop a product strategy that pushes the needle.
Product ownership

Product Ownership

I create comprehensive requirement specifications around business needs and build a product backlog to drive efficient execution.
Product design

UX | UI Design

I balance aesthetics with functionality to design user experiences and interfaces that satisfy user needs in beautiful and intuitive ways.
Web development

Web Development

I work with your engineers to translate requirements into code using technologies like JS, HTML, CSS (Flexbox and Grid), React, and Redux.
“Artyom was able to quickly integrate with our team and deliver a high quality design…”
Joe Venture, CEO AlphaPoint

“…really digs in and spends the extra time trying to understand what you are trying to communicate and why…”

Rich Scudellari, Co-Founder Trove

“…Hire Artyom if you want the job done right the first time.”

Matthias Grønnebæk, CEO Braveno

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