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This is what my clients say

“Artyom is perhaps the most diligent, reliable, communicative, creative, and logical designer I have ever worked with. Process oriented and self-motivated, Artyom can tackle any problem head on. He acclimates to new clients, environments, use cases, and challenges quickly, thoughtfully, and efficiently and possesses a genuine interest for all problems he tackles. He is skilled in user experience, interface, and visual design — and anything in between. In my 10 years experience of working with designers on a daily basis, I’ve never met someone so impressive. To any prospective client: you’ll be fortunate to invite Artyom onto you team, whether it’s 2 weeks, 2 years, or beyond.”
Samantha Radocchia, CPO Chronicled

Keith Dallara, CTO [Stealth]

“Artyom is one of the more pragmatic and creative designers I have come across. He was quick to embed himself in a complex business ecosystem and adapted well in a complex stakeholder network. Once he settled in the rhythm of the team, the productivity increased exponentially and the team around him was extremely happy with the professionalism and agility in which he worked. He worked closely with Product Management to understand the prioritised scope and translate the requirements to user flows, wireframes and finally UI components to seamlessly work with the front end engineering team. Artyom would be a great addition to any software development outfit which values good pragmatic design work.”

Aditya Kumar, Head of Product Shell
“I have had the pleasure of working with Artyom on UX/UI, where he helped to form a focused experience for our applications in line with our branding. Artyom gives concise implementation detail to developers in a language they can easily follow, he is punctual with deadlines and easy to get along with. Hire Artyom if you want the job done right the first time.”
Matthias Grønnebæk, CEO Braveno
“Artyom was an awesome designer to work with, really digs in and spends the extra time trying to understand what you are trying to communicate and why. If you get the chance to work with him, we highly recommend it.”
Rich Scudellari, Co-Founder Trove
“Working with Artyom was a pleasure. He was able to extrapolate a lot of the UX requirements and translate them into precise use cases just from understanding the business context of the situation and user needs.”
Kevin Chua, CTO Navozyme
“Artyom transformed some pretty basic wireframes into thoughtful and stunningly well-designed screens. He is a great communicator so in combination with this and his impressive design skills it led to a very successful outcome.”
David Speight, Co-Founder Acuite
“Artyom was able to quickly integrate with our team and deliver a high quality design. His focus, diligence and patience resulted in an efficient workflow. We look forward to more projects together.”
Joe Ventura, CEO AlphaPoint
“It didn’t take long to find out just how intentional and detailed Artyom is with any project. Although our project was a short one, Artyom consistently handled the project with care and critical thinking. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to work with him!”
Matthew Voran, Managing Partner MK Group
“Artyom is a pleasure to work with. He did a wonderful job working on the design and prototype for our project. Communication was great and the result exceeded expectations. Thank you, Artyom!”
Andrew Spitz, Partner FROLIC studio

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